I can’t say if enough time has passed
but I think I can now start idealising
the pipe organ concert in the church
that rendered us both speechless
as we sheltered from the heat and rain.
What did you think of?
Did you close your eyes, like I did?
Did you have, like me, the taste
of coffee, vibrant on your tongue?
I slipped my feet out of my sandals
and placed them on a cool cushion
upholstered in leatherette.
You dropped a light coin.
A diminutive clink was heard and we smiled.
The organ charmed us like we were snakes
and for a while it seemed to unravel
a whole series of religious impressions
in the sense of something we might call
religion: something encompassing
love and kindness leading
directly to experience, that concrete
mattress that shelters and shakes us.

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Summer 2024

Issue 108


The Summer 2024 issue, the first of new editor Niall Campbell, contains poetry by Michael Longley, Ian Humphreys, Isobel Dixon, Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Helen Mort, and more. The issue also has mini features on the subject of ‘work’, that aim to make connections between the jobs done by poets and its impact on their writing. For the first time, Poetry London is also proud to partner with the Society of Authors to showcase poetry by this year’s recipients of the Eric Gregory Award. Also featured are translations of Laura Wittner by Juana Adcock, Jason Allen-Paisant‘s Stanza Poetry Festival lecture, prose from Joey Connelly, reviews, and an interview between Jennifer Lee Tsai and Hala Alyan.

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