To reach out to a wide international readership of poetry, advertise your organisation or business in Poetry London.

Poetry London is available in good literary bookshops across the UK and abroad, and is sent directly to our subscribers.

If you are interested in reaching our audience, please consult the rates below and contact our Assistant Editor Ali Lewis for further information at

The deadline for advertising in our Spring 2020 issue is 3 November.

Quarter page (a)

186mm x 60mm (w x h)


Quarter page (b)

91mm x 120mm (w x h)


Half page

186mm x 120mm (w x h)


Full page

186mm x 251mm (w x h)



Below is a guide to the advert format and price per issue for Poetry London. For information on circulation, please contact

SPACE – SIZE (w x h in mm): COST

Quarter page (a) – 186 x 60: £95
Quarter page (b) – 91 x 120: £95
Half page – 186 x 120: £190
Quarter page – 186 x 251: £380


Discounts are available for repeat bookings.


Please note that all print adverts must be black and white.

Artwork supplied must have a keyline of 1 point and the type should sit within 4mm of the sizes given unless the design dictates otherwise.

Tints: Reproduction quality of artwork supplied using tints less than 30% cannot be guaranteed.

If you are sending hard copy of the artwork, please be aware of font sizes below 5 point, as they may not print acceptably.

It is preferred that digital files be QuarkXpress or Illustrator/Freehand (eps) with fonts and images included. Tiffs, jpgs and PDFs (all fonts must be embedded) are accepted at 300dpi but no responsibility will be taken by Poetry London for this.

If you are unsure about what format to send, please contact for advice.


Poetry London has limited space available for digital advertising in our email newsletters.

Images should be 800px to 1200px wide.

For further information about this, please contact


Poetry London can distribute leaflets in our mailings at a rate of £200 for 1,000 flyers.