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Poetry London needs our friends now more than ever. Help us continue our mission to publish a leading international poetry magazine and provide an artistic programme for nurturing a truly diverse community of poets, reviewers and editors. We published our 100th issue in Autumn 2021, celebrating 33 years of the magazine since its founding in 1988, and celebrated with a tour of the UK, which took in the Poetry Libraries in Manchester, Edinburgh and London – which has also resulted in the National Poetry Library at Southbank becoming our new home for events!

Although Poetry London has worked hard to increase its subscriptions, it’s been an ongoing challenge, exacerbated by the pandemic, to secure the funds we need to support all of our work. This is now beginning to bite. In order to continue to support our activities in this difficult time, we are asking all our friends to be generous once more. Can you help support Poetry London in its work? Any donation, of whatever size, is hugely appreciated, although we understand if you’re not able to donate at the moment. There are lots of other ways you can support us, for example by subscribing to the magazine, recommending the magazine to friends or institutions, or following us on social media.

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We were joined by Showtime Photo Booth with their Classic Photo Booth.

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