The Summer 2019 issue features new poems from Abigail Parry, American poets: Timothy Donnelly and Angie Estes, French poets: Valérie Rouzeau and Heather Dohollau, and also features UK poets Denise Riley, Helen Mort, Jack Underwood and Ahren Warner, among others.

Newcomers to the magazine include Alice Hiller, Barbara Barnes and Annemarie Austin. David Wheatley explores the pleasures and problems of forgotten poets in the issue’s feature essay, while Amy Key discusses snoring, Catholic education and Elizabeth Taylor with Chelsey Minnis.

In reviews, we cover new work by Rachael Allen, Michael Hofmann, Terrance Hayes and Kate Potts.

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Editorial by Martha Kapos
Dead Ringers


Abigail Parry
The Swords

William C Blome

Angie Estes
Poem to be Read with a Torah Pointer

Toby Martinez de las Rivas
The Horse in the Tree
The Horse in the Rain

Pascale Petit
Indian Roller

Denise Riley
Beggars of Life

Hisham Bustani
The storyteller’s final hours

Tim Dooley

Ian Cartland
backbone sandy day

Helen Mort
The Catalogue of Errors

Alice Hiller
from spectroscope

Ahren Warner
from Customer Feedback

Valérie Rouzeau
Five Poems from Sens averse

Jack Underwood
This Has No Sound

Annemarie Austin

Heather Dohollau
from A Painter
from Family Portraits

Timothy Donnelly
Cursum Perficio
The Death of Truth

Drew Milne
Distal Shelf Setting
Bulb of Percussion

Moniza Alvi
from Fairoz

Barbara Barnes
Notes on Contributors

Reviews and Features

Lost Poets
David Wheatley on canons, exclusions and the quicksand of oblivion

Material Lacquer
Chelsey Minnis talks to Amy Key

‘I was one burnt daughter in a genealogy’
Sarah Cave on Rachael Allen, Sophie Robinson and A K Blakemore

Nowhere to Arrive
André Naffis-Sahely on José Olivarez and Jenny Xie

Declan Ryan on Kathleen Jamie and Ciaran Carson

A Weatherless World
Kate Noakes on Ruth Padel, Michael Hofmann and Carrie Etter

Beatitudes from the Brink
Maria Apichella on Fiona Benson and Chris McCabe

Forms of Oppression
Nasser Hussain on Roy McFarlane and Terrance Hayes

Crisis Management
Ed Luker on Nat Raha, Verity Spott and Lisa Jeschke

Wanda O’Connor on THREADS

Between the Animate and Inanimate
Dzifa Benson on Harry Josephine Giles, Kit Fan and Kate Potts

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