The Spring 2024 issue features work by Mona Kareem, as translated by Sara Elkamel, as well as new poems by Mary Ruefle, Paul Muldoon, Khaled Mattawa, Marilyn Chin, Maria Stepanova, Timothy Donnelly, B.K. Fischer, Katie Peterson, Kimiko Hahn, and John Kinsella, among many others. This is André Naffis-Sahely’s final issue as poetry editor and it includes a valedictory editorial. Also featured are translations from Arabic, French, Hindi, Macedonian and Russian, as well as ‘House of Feels’, a craft essay by Dana Levin on sublimating pain through poetry, while Isabelle Baafi interviews Terrance Hayes and Tim Z. Hernandez.

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André Naffis-Sahely Valedictory Editorial


  • Cortney Lamar Charleston It’s Important I Remember That the United States Hasn’t Issued a Declaration of War Since World War II–
  • Maria Stepanova from Holy Winter
  • Paul Muldoon That Galen Learned His Trade / Truth and Reconciliation
  • Lidija Dimkovska Signposts
  • Siphokazi Jonas Winter vigil
  • B.K. Fischer Providence
  • Khaled Mattawa Aboriginal / An Address to Fellow Writers
  • Nathalie Handal Freedom
  • Timothy Donnelly Public Speaking
  • Dan O’Brien Wildfires / Rain
  • Andrea Cohen Circling
  • David Roderick Trigger
  • Mary Ruefle Time / Laredo
  • Katie Peterson The Mother / Smoke
  • Jules Laforgue Sundays / The Coming of Winter
  • Mona Kareem Dust / Tenderness / Instant / Sargon
  • Eleni Philippou Arrangement
  • Evan Goldstein In The Thousand-Year Reich
  • Mike Costaney Human Left Over
  • Peter Mishler [I was born in the landfill]
  • Natalie Shapero Sorry to Eat
  • Sihle Ntuli King Kong Moments Before Being Called The K-Word
  • Will Burns Huevos
  • Kimiko Hahn [Swallow] with a haiku by Issa
  • Nirala “So nothing worked out”
  • Marilyn Chin How Many Lives Do You Have?
  • Leo Boix A Latin American Crown of Sonnets / The Crown of the Virgin 
  • John Kinsella Night Walk Through Elysium: from Metamorphosis
  • Anna Akhmatova Untitled 1 / Untitled 2
  • Martín Espada A Busload of Screaming Children

Selected Essays & Reviews

  • Dana Levin House of Feels: A Craft Essay. On sublimating pain through poetry
  • Isabelle Baafi interviews Tim Z. Hernandez Polishing the Mirror, Steering the Light
  • Eric Yip Remembered, Reclaimed. Three collections that shed light on overlooked and misunderstood figures of history and literature
  • Stephanie Sy-Quia This ‘Cavernous We’. Two collections that chart uneasy histories of migration and loss
  • Jen Horsfall Beyond Borders. Three collections that permeate the boundaries between people, places and ideas
  • Kate Simpson Enmeshed Poetics. On polyvocality: hybrid voices, archives, signs
  • Tarn MacArthur The Future(s) of Craftsmanship. Three standout collections by consummate stylists
  • Robert Selby Verisimilitudes of Absence. New study of Hardy’s ‘necromantic poetics’
  • Kit Fan Flight Path Towards Consolation. Two books which offer complex navigations of personal and cultural grief
  • Rowland Bagnall Art and Artifice. Two books explore the processes of making art
  • Jinhao Xie Collective (un)Belonging. Two books which inhabit the liminal spaces of migration and postcoloniality
  • Isabelle Baafi interviews Terrance Hayes Based on An Untrue Story

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