Susannah Dickey

This is what she was after: a big light-eating slice of butternut squash for a mandible.
When people offer you a slice of the action the action is surely squash-coloured.
If you’ve been a girl during the period of [still as-yet undetermined boundaries] 
you’ve been taught to want legs like Fran Kubelik or the green M&M. Feet the shape

of seal pups without shoes and enough gold to fill a bath. When she goes to the dentist
he shows her his ampoules all full up with soft lighting. He asks her if she’s ready to be
mouth-rich mouth-coronal. She says Yes please make me top-heavy epinasty.
Everyone’s worried about their tits – if their blue-green-edged buoyancy is even

reliable. She’s been holding hers in the bath like she’s Mary II at coronation.
She’s never wanted to be a role model. Who has time? In the dentist she’s hooked
herself a man who likes colours not words and she’s got big gums full of gold.
Would you just look at her. Sexy legs jusqu’au soleil! Hole in her face like Kremnica!

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