Put groups of things together under subheadings

to believe them. Question the validity of order.

The obvious answer is root vegetables but I perceived it

as tubular. The pattern was my keyword moving forward.


Claim but do not reduce ontological subset a)

to indicators of some such other luck. Convince yourself

that rain enters below the puddles. Dear Sir, I am


the residence of my patron saint – do you know where


I find His message. Veronica contemplates the conkers:

entropic obsolescence, peristalsis…seasonal seedling/leaf –

broader terms increase chances of hatching access.

The wisdom cavity exemplifies, widening in salt water


or saltpetre, petersilie, salt beef: the services


Josie is longer than Isabelle inhaling, but Dickon provides

a greater shelter. Let us have patience with gratitude,

aubergine beside itself (with rosemary), hermeneutics,



principles of interpretation scored and cut up

into floodlit dioceses. Beware the comparable mastication

of oysters and grapes. Another name for faith is pure

indexical alignment. You know that class by heart


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