The Summer 2018 issue features new poems from Alice Notley, described by the Poetry Foundation as ‘one of America’s greatest living poets’, alongside poems from Colette Bryce, Karen Solie, Mark Waldron, Kwame Dawes and John McCullough. Newcomers to the magazine include Meryl Pugh, Crispin Best, Lottie Howson, George Ayres, Fiona Moore and Dominic Leonard. Plus new translations from Ciaran Carson and Chenxin Jiang.

This issue’s Essay features Kathryn Maris writing on painting, poetry and the female gaze and introducing the exhibition Slatterns, which she is curating at the APT Gallery in Deptford. It is followed by new poems commissioned for the exhibition including work by Rachael Allen, Natasha Tretheway and Karen McCarthy Woolf.

In Reviews and Features, Emily Hasler interviews Dylan Thomas prize-winner Kayo Chingonyi and André Naffis-Sahely considers the reputation of Aimé Césaire. New collections reviewed include books by Danez Smith, Kaveh Akbar, Oli Hazzard, Sophie Collins, James Brookes, Jenna Clake and Hannah Sullivan.

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Editorial by Martha Kapos
Ut Pictura Poesis


Colette Bryce

George Ayres
Open Loops
Broken Loops

Karen Solie
Ancient Remedies with Contemporary Applications Currently in Development

Matthew Sweeney
The Albatross

Mark Waldron
The Wild West
Saruk Mohajeran

Meryl Pugh
a regular house angel
from Grottoes

Alice Notley
Creating the Memory Collage
Jimi Hendrix Anecdote

Crispin Best
but do dolphins want to swim with me

Dominic Leonard

Jean Follain
Six poems translated from the French by Ciaran Carson
Time imperturbable
Vision of a child
Same old story
Empty garment
Black armour

Lottie Howson

Kwame Dawes
In Your Absence

Fiona Moore
North to south: facing backwards you don’t know where to look –

John McCullough
Notes for a Cheery Post-Apocalyptic Short

Jiang Hao
Upon waking, the morning of June 27th
Offhand poem
Notes on contributors

Reviews & Features

Curating Slatterns
Kathryn Maris on painting, poetry and the female gaze
Rachael Allen
Lunatic Urbaine
Dilemma with Jane
Simple Men
Volcano in Russia
The Girls of Situations
Isobel Dixon
The Tempest
Geraldine Clarkson
Island Home for Isabelle Huppert (La Truite) [Extract]
Natasha Trethewey
Anita Pati
Paperdolls, or where are my curly scrolls of sisters?
Karen McCarthy Woolf
Souls of the Sea
Sophie Collins
Thank You for Your Honesty

A Kind of Masquerade
Kayo Chingonyi talks to Emily Hasler

Papa Césaire’s Long Shadow
André Naffis-Sahely on the crafted reputation of the father of Négritude

Mothers and Daughters
Karen McCarthy Woolf on contrasting explorations of early experience

An ‘I’ For An ‘I’
Chrissy Williams on the vanishing self in lyric poetry

Memorable Specificities
Declan Ryan on poetry of the dispossessed

Forthright and Dissolving Selves
Jon Stone on two confident younger poets

The Body of the Text
Mary Jean Chan on two essential anthologies

A Banquet for The Brave
Maryam Hessavi on passionate collections that refresh the page

Frailty and Resistance
Caleb Klaces on poetry of inner and outer health

Brains Full of Thunderstorms
Claire Trévien on three exuberant first collections

Revisiting the Revolution
Claire Crowther finds poets exploring Soviet-era aesthetics to cast light on contemporary empires

Without Caricature or Anecdote
John Clegg on the productive anonymity of Peter Robinson’s style

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