The Summer 2017 issue features new work from Ocean Vuong, whose Night Sky With Exit Wounds swept the board in the US and is published here by Cape. Other newcomers to the magazine include Ella Frears, Dominic Hale, Dom Bury and Trinidadian poet Danielle Boodoo Fortuné, together with poems from Mark Ford, Tim Dooley, Kathryn Maris, Stanley Moss, Ruth Padel, Martha Sprackland and Andrew McMillan. New translations include an extraordinary poem from the Arabic by Riad Saleh Hussein, a Syrian poet from Aleppo.

In the reviews and features section, D. Nurkse explores the language-universe of fascism, Andrew McMillan speaks to Ocean Vuong about uncensoring the self, Malika Booker praises Tyehimba Jess’s Pulitzer Prize winning Olio, and Sam Riviere enjoys the collected texts of artist Ed Atkins. Plus reviews of ecologically oriented works, modernist volumes, translations and more.

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Editorial by Martha Kapos, Poetry Co-Editor
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Ocean Vuong
Partly True Poem Reflected In A Mirror

Mark Ford
Fide et Literis
Daphne and Apollo

Riad Saleh Hussein
The Bad Guy

Dom Bury
Why I Have Chosen Not To Have Children

Martha Sprackland
De la lycanthrope
et extase des sorciers

Ella Frears
After the Lie, Donald came in a vision to Donald
These are my lovers, green and buck-toothed

Jon Stone
Call me lownpig
Come closer, lightning,

Andrew McMillan

Dominic Hale
Psalm in the Aerial City
Isolate Psalm

Christopher DeWeese
from The Natural Musuem

Yang Lian
from Narrative Poem

Tim Dooley
from Weemoed

Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Caleb Klaces
Open-Plan It

Kathryn Maris
Catherine And Her Wheel (I)
Catherine And Her Wheel (II)
Catherine And Her Wheel (III)

Stanley Moss
Good Morning

John Gallas
a walk away

Anita Pati
Black holes and stars

Ruth Padel
Sense of an Ending

Reviews & Features

A Frozen Present
D. Nurkse on the language of fascism and ‘The Land of Magic’

Not so Much Made as Made Room for
Ocean Vuong and Andrew McMillan in conversation

Itinerancy and Return
Eleanor Careless on new selected poems by Nancy Cunard and Elaine Feinstein

Something is at Stake
Kayombo Chingonyi on refreshing collections by Emily Berry and Clare Pollard

Mania of Aggregation
Sam Riviere on Ed Atkins’s malignant poetics

The Dream of Disrepair
Fiona Moore on Claudia Rankine and Rachael Boast’s lyric explorations

Cotton Wool
Edwina Attlee on works by Derek Walcott, Peter Doig and Jane Draycott that probe reality and artifice

Signifying Movement
Nisha Ramayya on an anthology of translations imagining new futures

The Trick is to Remember
Edward Doegar on the political and social commentary of Al-Saddiq Al-Raddi, Shara McCallum and George Szirtes

Exercising the Gift
Jack Belloli on John Ashbery and John Burnside’s structures of attention

My First Edifices
Jane Yeh on debut collections by Rebecca Watts, Roy McFarlane and Rishi Dastidar

Poetry as Artifact and Historical Testimony
Malika Booker on an emancipating new lyric by Tyehimba Jess

Tuning into the Spectral
Lucy Mercer on ecologically focused works by Harriet Tarlo, Carrie Etter, Maya Chowdhry and Khairani Barokka

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