In the Summer 2016 issue of Poetry London, Jennifer Militello, an exciting American poet new to the magazine joins Pascale Petit with a significant selection of poems. We have new work from Emily Berry, Ian Duhig,Rachael Boast, and Jan Wagner in translation, plus translations from the Italian by Jack Underwood. Newcomers to Poetry London include Joey Connolly, Alex Houen, Maria Jastrzebska and Natalya Anderson.

In the review and features section, composer and musicologist Lawrence Kramer writes on setting poems to music, Karen McCarthy Woolf interviews Maura Dooley and reviews include books by Sarah Maguire, Stevie Smith, JO Morgan and RF Langley.

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Editorial by Tim Dooley, Reviews Editor
Pointing the way


Jennifer Militello
A City Mapped out in Conversation
Nkisi Nkondi
A Dictionary of Having Been Prey in the Voice of the Grandmother

Alex Houen
Iliad Kid II
Oedipal Silverpoint Recipe

Paula Bohince
The Lambs Are Not For Sale

Pascale Petit
Musica Mundana
Macaw Mummy
Hummingbird Necklace
Love Charm
Bandaged Bambi
Precious Goliath Beetle

William C Blome
Listening to Leoninus on a Winter Afternoon

Joey Connolly
Average Temperature at Surface Level

Ian Duhig
Bad Gigs
‘Ponty Pool’

Jones Irwin

Rachael Boast
The Glass-hulled Boat
Poem of the Dream
Ten string serenade

Maria Jastrzebska
El Soplo

Natalya Anderson
Dog Nights

Lev Ozerov

Kate Bingham
House and Field

Emily Berry
Now all my poems are about death I feel as though I’m really living

David Constantine
For the love of it
First thing I saw then…

Judith Willson
Dutch angles

D M Black
Saint Augustine at Home

Alberto Pellegatta
Six Poems

Wayne Holloway-Smith
If I forget this, let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth

Jan Wagner
from the globe factory

Notes on Contributors

Reviews & Features

Essay: Setting the Horrors of War
Lawrence Kramer on Poetry, Music and the Presence of the Past

Interview: Playing With Light and Time
Maura Dooley talks to Karen McCarthy Woolf

Precision and Engagement
Michael Hulse on a valediction from Peter Porter and new chapters in the work of Philip Gross and Kathleen Jamie

Recycled Texts and Encounters with Astonishment
Claire Crowther on the distinct poetics of Medbh McGuckian, Rod Mengham and Fiona Sampson

Mapping and Grafting
WN Herbert on a Sarah Maguire retrospective

Tales of Fisher-folk and CGI
David Wheatley on the uncanny excellence of JO Morgan

The Quiet Imperative
Drew Milne on RF Langley’s Complete Poems

Too Far Out and ‘So Very Ultra’
Amy Key on reading Stevie Smith as a contemporary

What Is A Poem, Anyway?
Chrissy Williams looks at new collections by Emma Hammond, Adam Crothers, Andrew Shields and Rosie Shepperd

Candour and Colour
Emily Hasler on mid-career retrospectives from Kim Addonizio and Tamar Yoseloff

Veterans of the Bizarre
Julian Stannard on timely new work from Tim Cumming, Neil Rollinson and Matthew Sweeney

Selves and Others
Martyn Crucefix finds Tony Hoagland, Jan Wagner and Choman Hardi casting light on lives going wrong

Another Kind of Music
Linda Black on new anthologies celebrating birdsong and classical composers

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