The Spring 2020 issue features poems from American poets Victoria Chang and Danez Smith, a selection of poems from the Kurmanji by Çîmen Adil Alî, Ciwan Qado and Ehmed Huseynî, young poets from Oxford Spires Academy, and new work by Fiona Benson, Julia Copus, Martha Kapos, Kayo Chingonyi and Joe Dunthorne, among others. Newcomers to the magazine include Sophie de Beistegui, Miruna Fulgeanu and Cheryl Follon.

In features, Joey Connolly explores the relationship between reading poetry and trust in this issue’s essay, ‘The Benefit of the Doubt’, and we’re delighted to present an exclusive interview between Danez Smith and Suji Kwock Kim on the eve of the publication of Smith’s new collection, Homie. In reviews, we cover collections by Ilya Kaminsky, Heather Phillipson, Kei Miller and Mona Arshi, among others.

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Editorial by Dai George
Reading as Friendship


Kirsten Irving
Practice Spider

Cheryl Follon

Martha Kapos

First Subject

Aisha Borja
The Society

Rhianna Graham
The Bee Keeper

Helen Woods
The Hand

Amineh Abou Kerech
To Turn

Timileyin Amusan
Learning English

Merzia Qahramany

Rachel Gittens

Sarah Fletcher
Movement in the Fashion of a Magnet

Danez Smith
waiting on you to die so i can be myself
my poems

Eduardo C Corral
Around Every Circle Another Can Be Drawn

Julia Copus

Sophie de Beistegui

Fiona Benson
Caddisfly Larvae
Mama Cockroach, I Love You

Emily Hasler

Çîmen Adil Alî
[I passed by your house]

Ciwan Qado
Winter of 2012

Ehmedê Huseynî
from One Flame

Kayo Chingonyi
13 Napier Street

Miruna Fulgeanu
The Garden Has Gone Mad

Victoria Chang
from OBIT

Joe Dunthorne
As I entered
the forest
The Norton Anthology

Caoilinn Hughes
The Party Faithful
Notes on Contributors

Reviews and Features

The Benefit of the Doubt
Joey Connolly on reading poetry and trust

The Church of a Better World
Danez Smith talks to Suji Kwock Kim

At the Borders of Life and Death
Phoebe Clarke on Ilya Kaminsky and Ariana Reines

Aligned in Unknowing
Rachael Allen on Brenda Shaughnessy and Heather Phillipson

Is a Trail the Thing it Makes or Leaves?
Zakia Carpenter-Hall on Anthony Anaxagorou, Mary Jean Chan and Stephen Sexton

How will we cope? 
Rishi Dastidar on Mark Waldron, Kei Miller and Richard Osmond

Fullness and Fragility
Rob Mackenzie on Vidyan Ravinthiran and John McCullough

The Sphere of Self
Sarah-Jean Zubair on Niall Campbell, Rebecca Goss and David Briggs

The Archived and the Lived
Kashif Sharma-Patel on Jay Bernard and D S Marriott

Katy Evans-Bush on Joe Dunthorne, Ian Humphreys and Alison Winch

Not to Keep Building on Loss
Alison Brackenbury on Lavinia Greenlaw, Mona Arshi and Deryn Rees-Jones

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