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Danez Smith
Ooooh, you look like

Selima Hill
Having Sex
The Edge of Town
From the Bed She Watches
Cats with Spots

Kim Kyung Ju
Strength of Testimony

Ruth Padel
Tuning Your Lyre Among the Shades

Isla Anderson
interview with what I could have done
interview with 3 men knocking down your wall

Natalie Shapero
Don’t Sorry Me

Rebecca Tamás
cunt hex

Adil Hussain

Marlene Tissot
Finding myself in transports
More and more uproar

Tara Bergin
Description of a Vision
Mary & Felicity
The Old Man from Galilee

Lieke Marsman
One Morning
One Afternoon

Zeina Hashem Beck
Triptych: You & My Country & I

Sarah Fletcher

Amy Key
I do not need the sea to love me back

Leontia Flynn
In the beginning
I can’t say I love you: after Catullus 14

Jane Yeh
The Detectives
A Short History of Night

Matthew Welton
Poem in a single breath

Emma Jeremy
Safety Behaviour

Hieu Minh Nguyen

Mary Jean Chan
the five stages

Fiona Benson
Extracts from Zeus

Abi Palmer
Try Again

Reviews & Features

Nisha Ramayya

On Radical Tenderness
Andrea Brady talks to Andrew Spragg

A Place of Man that Man Forgoes
Jack Belloli on Sean Borodale, Sasha Dugdale and Mai Der Vang

Survival Is Not a Theory
Lindsay Turner on Audre Lorde

Against All Odds to be Buoyant
Srishti Krishnamoorthy-Cavell on Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Karen McCarthy Woolf and John Wedgwood Clarke

Passages of Return
Ronald Cummings on Richard Georges and Ishion Hutchinson

Salve to Exile
Momtaza Mehri on Asha Lul Mohamud Yusuf

Myriads of Miniature Cascades
Tim Dooley on Chris Torrance

Spitten Over the Rim of Broken Teeth
Robert Kiely on D S Marriott

Calamity and Struggle
Mary Jean Chan on Caroline Bird, Dainel Roy Connelly and Rebecca Gayle Howell

A Kind of Balance of Power
Charlotte Newman on Sylvia Plath

Home is Relative
Jennifer Wong on Zosia Kuczyńska and Sean Wai Keung

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