Editorial by Tim Dooley, Reviews Editor
Along with its wider mood of remembrance, 2014 offered the opportunity to reconsider the work of two poets, born days apart a hundred years earlier…


Matthew Dickman

Kurt Bartsch
Grandpa | Fragment for R. | Chant

Annie Freud

Annie Freud
Abbotsbury | Les Sauces, le Ballet, les Actrices | Birth Control | The Poet is Kept Awake by Some Roses

Ian Cartland
The best macarons in Paris

Sam Riviere
from Kim Kardashian’s Marriage

Dorothea Lasky
The dark

Dorothea Lasky
It’s Only a Paper Moon | I Want a

Sean O’Brien
The Lost of England

Fabian Peake
after the cull | In the dark. | The Carrier. | in the clothes | kneeling

Niall Campbell
Midnight | Proof | Dream

David Briggs
Sauce for the Goose

D Nurkse
The Lovers

D Nurkse
When the Dead Appear in Dreams | Old Age on Cold Spring Island

Judy Brown
The Imposters

Stephen Romer
Fleas | September | Torcello

Yin Lichuan
Love Story | Wet Paint | Orange | Asshole

Fran Lock
‘Drinks with Friends’

Alex MacDonald
My Friend, Blood Shaking My Heart | End Space

Alison Brackenbury
from Poems from Steep

Geraldine Clarkson
Biography | UNDERLAND | redress

Francine Elena
Fish Magic | Ekphrasis for a Hawaiian Shirt

Reviews & Features

Essay: Crumbs of Paper
Martha Kapos on the spaces of metaphor

Interview: Finding Ancestors
Fleur Adcock talks to Colette Bryce

Nunc Dimittis…
Martyn Crucefix on Michael Longley and Louise Glück observing time passing

The World or the Self
Michael Hulse on David Harsent, Ruth Padel and Roddy Lumsden

Realities and Dreams
Clare Pollard on new pamphlets from Holly Hopkins and others

Caught in the Champagne-sleet of Living
Amy Key’s personal response to Rosemary Tonks

Puzzle Pages
Adam Piette on invitations to imagine from Oli Hazzard, Lee Harwood and SJ Fowler

Holding Tight to the Process
Claire Crowther on the skillful practice of Vona Groarke, Tony Roberts, Michael O’Neill and Alison McVety

The Jungle and the Wood
Claire Trévien contrasts allegories of family past from Pascale Petit and Anna Robinson

Voices of the Country We Live In
Katy Evans-Bush welcomes first collections from Mir Mahfuz Ali, Karen McCarthy Woolf and Liz Berry

Beyond a Joke
Emily Hasler on humour in Kit Wright, Lorraine Mariner and Selima Hill

Making Culture, Not Curating it
Chrissy Williams on new anthologies from the Poetry Translation Centre and the ‘Complete Works’ project
The poems in this issue were edited by Ahren Warner; the reviews and features by Tim Dooley

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