The Autumn 2023 issue includes four new poems by featured author Michael Hofmann, as well as new work by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Monica Youn, Luke Kennard, Glyn Maxwell, Cindy Juyoung Ok, Jesse Nathan, and leena aboutaleb. Also in the issue are poems originally written in Arabic, Czech, Greek, Nüshu, and Spanish, among which a long-awaited fresh take on ‘The Hanging Poem of Imru al-Qays’ by Kareem James Abu-Zeid and five new poems by Homero Aridjis as translated by Forrest Gander. This bumper issue also introduces an expanded offering of prose with Dan O’Brien on the defiant and redemptive power of confessional writing and Rachel Hadas on translating Ovid and finding comfort in a world plagued by apathy and disaster. Our interviews section sees Kostya Tsolakis in conversation with Harris Otabasis and Nikolas Koutsodontis, the editors of the Anthology of Greek Queer Poetry, while Sohini Basak interviews Meena Kandasamy. The reviews section sports criticism by Tarn MacArthur, Aliyah Begum, Lily McDermott, and Tristram Fane Saunders.

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  • Homero Aridjis Return to Byzantium / Half-Formed Jaguar / Cat Tales / Self-portrait of a Young Man Walking in the Past / Like Gods
  • Jessica Greenbaum If They Ask, Tell Them
  • Jesse Nathan Between States
  • Victoria Kennefick To All The Babies I (N)ever Had
  • Manuela Moser “There was an uneven number of people at the party…”
  • Luke Kennard News Cycle
  • Kenny Carroll In Defense of Mosquitos
  • Mosab Abu Toha Request Letter
  • Liala Zaray Primal Instinct / American Preposition
  • Cindy Juyoung Ok Ward of One / Sunset Stretch
  • Glyn Maxwell The Screaming
  • Cathleen Calbert Pacific Grove
  • Ammiel Alcalay from Controlled Demolition
  • Amit Majmudar The Border
  • Peter Campion Mississippi River Boulevard
  • Michael Hofmann Britannia Hospital / Medea / Variorum / Uncontrollable Appetite in the Wake of Hurricane Ian on the Highway West
  • Natalie Thomas Pilgrimage to Dulwich Picture Gallery to observe Venus and Mercury, in the year 2023
  • leena aboutaleb Line 3, Kit-Kat
  • SK Grout Alexandria
  • Nicola Healey The Past No Longer Applied
  • Rabha Ashry the mountains
  • Monica Youn Parable of the Magpie’s Nest
  • Milan Děžinský We’re Together Again
  • Winners of the 2023 Poetry London Prize

Selected Essays & Reviews

  • Kostya Tsolakis interviews Harris Otabasis and Nikolas Koutsodontis Unearthing Your Queer Roots
  • Vasilis Evripiotis Unethical War
  • Katerina Kozi Billie Holiday
  • Yuri Ask Such little water
  • Nikolas Koutsodontis You’ve Gone Sleepy, My Little Pasha
  • Vasileia Oikonomou In Moscow
  • Rachel Hadas Refuge in the Storm? On translating Ovid and finding comfort
  • Dan O’Brien Confession as Transgression. On the redemptive power of confessional writing
  • Sohini Basak interviews Meena Kandasamy Reclaiming Desire
  • John Beer Mastery of Time. On Alice Notley’s astonishing new epic
  • S Niroshini Camera Famlia. On three collections that use photo-poetic forms to explore the nature of memory and time 
  • Aliyah Begum The Body in Bold. On three books that consider the body within the context of illness, identity and desire
  • Daniel Fraser Paths and Labyrinths. On two collections bridging past and present
  • Lily McDermott This Hungering Body. On three books that capture the physicality of anxiety, grief and performance
  • Tristram Fane Saunders ‘Whirr-whizz-bang-slam-whack-spud-whisk-thump’. On two retrospectives of Edna St Vincent Millay
  • Tarn MacArthur Biding One’s Time. On two highly anticipated and long-awaited debuts

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