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Featuring a wholly new look, the magazine’s first radical redesign in twenty years, the Autumn 2022 issue of Poetry London carries a new poem by our featured author, Mark Ford, in addition to work by Katie Peterson, Khairani Barokka, Bernard O’Donoghue, Rachel Mannheimer, Oksana Maksymchuk, Shash Trevett and Jee Leong Koh. This issue also features the winners of the 2022 Poetry London Prize, judged by Romalyn Ante, as well as interviews with Pascale Petit and Victoria Adukwei Bulley.
Prose contributions include the 2022 Verve Poetry Festival Lecture by Stephanie Sy-Quia, Zoë Brigley on writing through borderline personality disorder, and the literary influence of Sylvia Plath and Jean Rhys, and reviews by Stephanie Burt, David Wheatley and Jennifer Wong, review collections by Victoria Chang, Paul Tran, Thomas Lynch, Carl Phillips, Claire Askew and Simone Atangana Bekono.

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  • Bernard O’Donoghue Folktale
  • Shash Trevett Colombo, May 9, 2022
  • David Woo Death of the Young Artist
  • Oksana Maksymchuk Digital Mapping of a Massacre / Ambush / Emergency Bag
  • Efe Duyan An Ant At Full Speed
  • José Vadi Ceiling Stare
  • Roger Robinson Ribs
  • Karl Knights In the assessment centre waiting room
  • Rebecca Goss Woman returns to childhood home, finds herself amongst others
  • Katie Peterson The Teacher and the Student
  • Sam Riviere Pink Souls
  • Mark Ford Phobic
  • Leo Boix A Latin American Sonnet XXV
  • Jee Leong Koh From ‘Ungovernable Bodies’
  • Mark Waldron A Goodly Fly
  • Philip Hancock The Bench
  • Richie McCaffery Fighting fit
  • Rachel Mannheimer Decoupling / Matera
  • Mona Arshi The Story of the Dhaka Cloth
  • Sherwin Bitsui Snare
  • Yannis Ritsos Fear / Blockade / The Plough
  • Christos Koukis Moral Lessons
  • L Kiew Why I don’t feed grey squirrels
  • Anthony Anaxagorou Heritage Aesthetics
  • Kimberly Reyes Presentiment
  • Winners of the 2022 Poetry London Prize, judged by Romalyn Ante
  • Teresa Ott Hope Garden-Variety (First Prize)
  • Ann Giard-Chase Death of the Hired Man (Second Prize)
  • Daragh Byrne The Book Burner’s Apprentice (Third Prize)

Selected Essays & Reviews

  • Portals of Possibility. Isabelle Baafi interviews Victoria Adukwei Bulley
  • Seeing is Believing. David Wheatley on how two poets explore pastoral imaginations, the life of the senses and the language of faith
  • Companions in Melancholy. Stephanie Burt on two collections that explore the lasting impact of trauma and grief
  • Mother, Refracted. Jenna Clake on two collections that capture the shades and contours of motherhood
  • A Vibrant Tapestry. Arun A.K. reviews an essential new anthology of contemporary Indian poetry
  • Permutations of Desire. Carlos F. Grigsby on seven Latin American poets in translation
  • Under Observation. Karl Knights on two attentive collections that explore experiences of hospitalisation and the politics of care
  • Women Writing Back. Jennifer Wong on two texts that dramatise defiance against the politicisation of women’s bodies
  • Verve Lecture 2022. Stephanie Sy-Quia
  • Out of the White Room. Zoë Brigley on writing through borderline personality disorder, and the literary influence of Sylvia Plath and Jean Rhys
  • I Have To Have Hope. Romalyn Ante interviews Pascale Petit

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