Editorial by Ahren Warner, Poetry Editor
Implements in their places


C K Williams
The Sun, The Saint, The Sot

Corsino Fortes
Embarking | Mestizo: Mestiza

Claire Crowther
A Silent Star Among the Hypocrites

Carolyn Forché
The Crossing | For Ilya at Tsarskeselo | In Time of War | Uninhabited | Sanctuary | On The Island of Theology

Catherine Wagner
‘Thou’ said George Fox | Who’s wise/Whose why’s | Remembering as if

Andrew Jamison
The Party

Alan Gillis
The Estate | Somewhere Near the Dockyards

Philip Gross
Epstein’s Adam | The Shapes They Make

Kris Johnson
Leaving Colorado | Rainier | Black

Michael McGriff

Amy Blakemore
patterns | next life | Joshua | *

Laura Elliott
the rule of increasing concreteness | anonymity will go mainstream

Sam Buchan-Watts
Happens Again | ‘The Days Go Just Like That’ | ‘The Days Just Go Like That’ | Narrow Contact Zone

Mercedes Cebrián
Future of the wasteland | Keys to our Fauna

Mark Ford

Heather Phillipson
guess what?

Michael Symmons Roberts
Competition 2014: Judge’s Report

Jon Stone
First Prize: Nightjar

Beverley Nadin
Second Prize: 6 a.m.

Stephen Sexton
Third Prize: Elegy for Olive Oyl

Commended Poems
Poetry London Competition Runners Up

Reviews & Features

For the Time Being
W N Herbert on Geoffrey Hill’s copious response to an explosion of discourse.

Chaucer: Movie Stills or Slam Remix
Sarah Howe on reinterpretations of a poetic forefather.

Little Windows, Difficult Truths
Colette Bryce talks to Alex Pryce on the publication of her new collection The Whole & Rain-domed Universe.

Finding a Voice to Lose
David Wheatley frisks Toby Martinez de las Rivas, Vidyan Ravinthiran and Fiona Benson for their influences.

The Dirt Beneath the Fingernails
Kate Bingham on the two contrasting contemporaries: Hugo Williams and David Constantine.

Playful and Exuberant
Abigail Parry on Kathryn Simmonds, Róisín Tierney and Ciaran Berry.

One Fewer Letter
Caleb Klaces on the reading experience offered by W S Merwin, William Wenthe and Angie Estes.

Gargoyles and Seraphim
Luke Kennard on laughter and terror in the poetry of Bill Manhire and Peter Bland.

Lashed to the Mast
Richard O’Brien hears the sea surge in poems by Niall Campbell, Nancy Gaffield and Andrew McNeillie.

Global Topographers and the Absolute Map
Karen McCarthy Woolf on Kei Miller, Ágnes Lehoczky, Thomas A Clark, Stephen Watts and the poetry of place.

Getting Out
Sarah Hesketh on Kevin Powers, Carrie Etter, Ana Blandiana and the poetry of engagement.

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