Summer 2012: Issue 72


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Jan Wagner
a horse
Jan Wagner
spurge • preparations for the caiman hunt • sheets • lazarus
Leontia Flynn
Accidental Stars • MacNeice
Bill Manhire
Poem in an Orchard
WN Herbert
Fly Novitiate
WN Herbert
from Pilgrim Street
Stephen Knight
We Lived Here • Hamelin
Valérie Rouzeau
Vain Poem
Matthew Zapruder
To Sergio Franchi
Matthew Zapruder
Poem for Russia with a White Plastic Wolf
Christopher Reid
The Crossroads • The Caryatids • The Coward
Simon Armitage
The Empire
Abigail Parry
Roker’s Birds • Milagros
Heather Phillipson
Oh. Is he dead? • Rumination on an Inch of Cotton
Shakila Azizzada
Haft Seen • Cat Lying in Wait
Kathryn Maris
Will You Be My Friend, Kate Moss?
Matthew Haigh
The Dud
Susan Wicks
Lebkuchen-Haus • Real Time
Marianne Boruch
In the Book of Myth
Dennis Casling
Happy Families • The Fiery Lake
Maura Dooley
In A Dream he is Still Busy • In A Dream she Meets Him Again
Nikola Madzirov
When Somebody Departs Everything Created Returns • Them and Us
Jacob Polley
The Havocs
Mark Tredinnick
Painted honeyeater in a blue field • With Sarasvati tonight under the lemon gum

Reviews & Features

Bitter Crossings
Ahren Warner on Ruth Padel’s bold exploration of a world shaped by migration
Broken Boundaries
Claire Crowther on contemporary cultural exchange in the poetry of Amina Said and Mimi Khalvati
Diverse and Complex
Fred d’Aguiar on poetry from a fractured Caribbean by James Berry and Kwame Dawes
‘They all lived happily ever after’
John Burnside in conversation with Helen Mort
Survival of the Species
Martyn Crucefix on first collections by Judy Brown, Adam Horovitz, Carole Bromley, Sheree Mack, Fawzia Kane and Eoghan Walls.
Starting Points
David Cooke on two introductory anthologies.
Fêted, Forgotten, Championed and Censored
Alex Pryce on retrospective collections by Una Marson, Hope Mirrlees and Antonia Pozzi
Moral Statements
Sue Hubbard on new collections from Linda Chase, Peter Robinson and Michael Glover
Light-filled Visions From a Dark Past
Tom Chivers on versions of medieval poetry by Jane Draycott and Simon Armitage
Where Words Slip Their Moorings
Julian Stannard on collections by Gerry Cambridge, Tim Cumming, Katy Evans-Bush and Philip Gross
A fin de siècle Mahon
Patrick McGuinness on Derek Mahon’s slippery conclusions