Summer 2010: Issue 66


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Sharon Olds
Sleekit Cowrin’
Sharon Olds
Song the Breasts Sing to the Late-in-Life Boyfriend
Kona Macphee
My Life as a B Movie • An Announcement • Against Melancholy
Kathryn Simmonds
Life Coach Variations
Angie Estes
Shade • Note • Brief Encounter
Julian Stannard
Don’t Die • Well-Regulated Dumplings are Going Upwards
Phillis Levin
Tabula Rasa
Elaine Feinstein
A Garden in North Germany
Carola Luther
Smiling for the Camera
Valérie Rouzeau
Not Keeping My Nose Clean
Kathryn Maris
Street Sweeper
Kathryn Maris
The Devil Will Find Work for Idle Minds • Hilary Has Left the Building, Unless She Hasn’t
Joe Yule
Ian Duhig
Border Ballad
Ian Duhig
Jane Routh
A Day’s Work
Matthew Gregory
A Portrait
Amir Or
Camera Obscura • Reflection
Deryn Rees-Jones
The Fetch
Daljit Nagra
The World’s Strongest Dad! • Confessions of a Coolly Woman
Jérôme Luc Martin
Rosie Shepperd
We tend to tug when we should gently push
Jen Campbell
When We Found the Tide
Christopher Horton
Something Not Quite Placed • And, yes, I have compared you to a goat • The Great Debate
John Haynes
from You
Tim Liardet
The Living and the Drowned •‘Sinking Water, Many Many Sinking Water’
Jessica Greenbaum
When Bonnard First Entered a Room and Olds Searched the Waves

Reviews & Features

Only One Age
Martyn Crucefix finds W S Merwin, Valerio Magrelli and Sinéad Morrissey observing different stages of life
With and Without Walls
Claire Crowther on debut collections by Sarah Hesketh, Dora Malech and Arda Collins
Difficult for the Poet, Not the Reader
Luke Kennard on directness and pleasure in poems by Caroline Bird, Anthony Howell and John Ash
World Famous (in New Zealand)
Bill Manhire on James K Baxter, the Pakeha Prophet
Miracles of Survival
Katy Evans-Bush on life and death in collections by Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, C L Dallat and Dorothy Molloy
Against Correctness
Fred D’Aguiar on the healthy independence of E A Markham, Priscila Uppal and Vahni Capiledo
Figure in the Background
David Cooke on contrasting approaches to seriousness from Robin Robertson, Sarah Law and Peter Carpenter
A Guidebook of Darkness
Sue Hubbard delves deeper than irony and cleverness in the work of Philip Gross, Jasmine Donahaye and Yang Lian
Vive la Différance
Tim Dooley on an alternative anthology