Summer 2007: Issue 57


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Chase Twichell
Savin Rock
Chase Twichell
Snow-globe of Vesuvius
Jessica Greenbaum
Gratitude’s Anniversary
Jessica Greenbaum
Seeing Stars
Markus Lloyd
The Lay-by
Markus Lloyd
Recalling a Country Girl
Ciaran Carson
Redoubt • Treaty
Diana Pooley
Robert Saxton
Mayfly Menopause
Jamie McKendrick
In the Year of the Blue Angel • The Canary Principle • The Book of Names
Penelope Shuttle
Map Officer
D Nurkse
Trial Marriage • At High Falls • The Resistance
Dennis Casling
Winging It • The Burglar’s Wife
Coral Bracho
from That space, that garden (Section VIII)
Jemma Borg
The Decoration • A strangely dressed murmur of water
Patrick Brandon
The Full Kit • En Plein Air • Dolphin
Jane Hirshfield
A Thought • Sheep • Everything Has Two Endings
Valeria Melchioretto
Sam Riviere
Observation of a Neanderthal Colony
Julian Turner
In the Attic at Work
Kelly Grovier
The Shed
John Kinsella
Horse Sculpture in Northam Town Park
Christian Campbell
Leaving Treasure Beach

Reviews & Features

A Doubled Good Read
Marilyn Hacker’s pleasure in Bishop’s unpublished poems
Three Exraordinary New Collections
George Szirtes on new books from Elaine Feinstein, Ian Duhig and Elizabeth Cook
Astonishing Poems
Kathryn Maris enjoys work by Daljit Nagra, Caroline Bird and John Haynes
Tattered England, Troubled Ireland
DM Black on Brownjohn’s and Longley’s Collected
Poems Sassy or Meaningless
Martyn Crucefix reads new collections by Tamar Yoseloff, Linda Chase and John Ashbery
WH Auden’s Centenary
Peter Porter’s powerful celebration of Auden
Home as the Subject of Poetry
Paul Farley assays collections by Caroline Carver, Robert Seatter and Jane Routh