Autumn 2010: Issue 67


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Medbh McGuckian
The Meaning of Margaret’s Hands • Rowe’s Fawn
Toby Martinez de las Rivas
Covenant • Allegory of Faith with Hunting Goshawk • Crede
Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
40 Hampton Road • Duet
Fred D’Aguiar
The Rose of Toulouse
Daniel Hardisty
Tamar Yoseloff
Antony Dunn
Molly Peacock
The Jar • The New Wife
John McCullough
Sleeping Hermaphrodite • Small Vertical Pleasures
Philip Gross
Later • Mule
Sean O’Brien
White Enamel Jug
Sean O’Brien
The Lost Book • Counting t he Rain
Karen McCarthy Woolf
Where Steel Clatters
Jamie Coward
More Facts About Woodpeckers
Anna Woodford
Lot 927 • Clipping • Sonograph Story
John McAuliffe
Bringing the Baby to Rossaveal
Brian Patten
In the Orchard After Midnight
Chris Beckett
Wondwossen, The Prayer Child
Harry Clifton
A Crossroads • The Keeper of Swans • False Meridian
Annie Freud
Emily Berry
Sweet Arlene
Michael Longley: Judge’s Report
Vivien Jones: FIRST PRIZE
My Mother’s Literature
Clive McWilliam: SECOND PRIZE
Rose Mining
Michael Henry: THIRD PRIZE
Square du Temple
Penny McCarthy: COMMENDED
Rachael Ogden: COMMENDED
James Harpur: COMMENDED
Christmas Snow

Reviews & Features

Plain Heaven and the Sound of Truth
George Szirtes on Peter Porter’s art of seriousness
States of Disunion
Anne-Marie Fyfe explores poetic trends in these islands and the US in the anthologies American Hybrid and Identity Parade
Questions of Style
Kate Bingham examines different uses of memorable language in new work by Lachlan Mackinnon, Martina Evans and John Stammers
Assured Voice or Interim Report
W N Herbert on first collections by Sarah Broom, Carolyn Jess-Cooke, Adam O’Riordan and Sam Willetts
Re-weaving the Rainbow
Helen Mort finds Jo Shapcott, Patrick McGuinness and Pascale Petit more than a match for a sceptical scientist
Plath’s Toothbrush
Jack Underwood on the persistence of the surreal in collections by Simon Armitage, Matthew Caley and Louise Glück
Extended Play
Christopher Horton on the thriving pamphlet sector
With Regrets
Eva Salzman on a late work by her former teacher Derek Walcott
Seen Through the Eye of the Mind
Linda Black on two dazzling collaborations with visual artists from Philip Gross and Sue Hubbard