Neon Void by Dorothea Lasky

I lost the will to live
Or I never had it

St Anthony of Padua
St Anthony the ascetic in the desert

St Antonio’s
The dark wood where I never had it

Shaking a fist with a stick
At the Death Lions
And the ants in the cracks of the floor

I lost the will to live or I never had it

Hot pink, neon pink
Yellow star, rising over the 3am moon

Sunlit, but not knowing so
Everything so inherently mauve

Incredible death
Better than sex

So incredibly death
With your head off

Tight and cold
And saying absolutely nothing

What’s better than death
The most wonderfully pointless thing to do

The whole thing
The whole thing

The whole thing’s better than death
All this inappropriate love

Cries in the night
But I won’t answer them


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