I trust I no longer, I change too quickly, I refute, I refute I change too quickly, I clamber, always alone, scrambling frost on height of longing, I despise my stumbling, ashamed of my violent panting, panting, I, I contemplated how to quell embarrassment, lonely but as if there be listeners, but if I speak sure none could understand, it dwells too close to the clouds, from the cloud my speak, my vocalised destruction, I appeared in my envy of you, the stars ______, wild dog faces ______ __ circuitry devised, conceited, I purify the mould, I hold no grudge in the good conserved, a blusterer is I, ha, lost hope, I lived lost hope shamelessly in temporary pleasures, I gnaws at sensualist thoughts maintained as noted in the maintain maintain again and again ad fucking infinitum, contra resistance of the superfluous, _ _______ the beast electric, I lust after self laceration, I is cantankerous for terrible __________, a consumptive lassitude, I approve coffins, invalidate coffins, some corpses refuted also, aspects shrouded as casualties clench their teeth for sweet meats, clinging foolish, so I cease teaching, I lust, I sin, I preach, I beget no unfortunate, I is necessary to be consistent to bind me wicked, I rid care in chains, rough labour, a disquiet sermon consider this, rapid diligence for self-forgetfulness, in quietism I is in a momentary capacity for resounding, as eternal lore I spared enemies, in this war I said as a taunt that I love you, counterpart fucker, best enemy of hatred, saint of saints, I deplore the forerunners of hatred at first sight, I don no uniform to fight, I quarrels as charity hallows every cause, all victims pretty and touching, mass media heartfulness, ugly, but the sublime weaklings sapped to lap up, resistance is in distinction, I remain distinguished however commanded, all obedience surpassed, idol open, open your eyes and/or ears to me concerning death, monsters, creeps, the deep state hung so I smuggle customs, I lament for art, I love forever observed, approved in love and in love too, and in love too I repented, I painted, I panted as noted, I baked meat I basted while I slept in swan feathers, my mind spring-hilted, right steady, again the threatening aspects, treacherous this voice in a poised canter, slender as I said the physique if I had such a thing, I bowed to love deadly, darling, for deadly hatred I question, I quickly answer in anguish, ____ to answer, spun, spin stable for the timepiece of my life without voice, exempt me from this, the dew falls on the grass when the night is most silent, a whispering dunce, late have you become young, laughter lacerating solitude, happy isle, what experience is only one self? Hardest wandering none shall steal after your impossibility, land where butter and honey flow, yay, harsh maxims long silent, sombre vexation, eagerly the sea sleeps with evil expectations LOL, evil dreams with melancholy and bitterness LOL, monster caress, ha, love to anything, my folly, my enigma, curious to go still further, tongue loosened, the enigma intoxicated, paralysing star destroyer, slayer sound of triumph seen abysses, slayer courage, the gateway has two faces to eternity, antithetical, gravity, eternal circle.

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