Summer 2022: Issue 102


The Summer 2022 issue of Poetry London proudly carries new poems by our featured author, Grace Nichols, who was recently awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry, in addition to work by Yousif M Qasmiyeh, Sean O’Brien, Kostya Tsolakis, Jennifer Wong, Fred D’Aguiar, Saddiq Dzukogi and Jenny Xie, as well as Jemilea Wisdom-Baako, a recent participant of our mentoring scheme, who makes her debut appearance in the magazine.

Other highlights include translations of poems by Li Qingzhao, Sun Tzu-ping, Tomaž Šalamun, and Herman Hesse, and interviews with Valzhyna Mort and Mohammed El-Kurd. This issue’s criticism section sees Maryam Hessavi analyze three brilliant debuts – by Maia Elsner, Alice Hiller, and Jason Allen-Paisant – as they excavate the traumas of the past, while Leo Boix considers the work of Christopher Soto, our Summer 2021 issue’s cover star, whose first collection has just been published to great acclaim in the U.S., as well as Forrest Gander’s translations of the Mexican poet Coral Bracho.

You can read a selection of content from the magazine, plus some exclusive online content, here.

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Editorial by André Naffis-Sahely


Niall Campbell Confessions
Harriet Jae Departure
Tristram Fane Saunders Before we go any further
Li Qingzhao Ci to the tune of “Drunk in the Blossom’s Shadows”
Jacqueline Saphra Who?
Fred Voss Timeless Wrench Brothers
Jennifer Wong The truth is, when you stopped speaking to me for a whole year
Grace Nichols Tea in the Garden / Not a Constant Gardener / Watching a falling
Helen Bowell On Eggs
Jemilea Wisdom-Baako Single bed shoved against the wall, Croydon, 1993
Will Burns Dovecote Farm
Ali Lewis The Touch
Fred D’Aguiar Haikus for Arthur Scargill & Bill Morris
Aoife Lyall Wildflowers
Nicholas Friedman Habit
Jo Clement Travelling Light
Kim Moore The Kidnap
Saddiq Dzukogi Compass
Kostya Tsolakis The Dead of the Greek Enclosure in West Norwood Cemetery Speak to Me / I, Wonky Nose
Robin Myers Parts
Henry St Leger the dig
Paolo Javier Best Dream Offer Wind / Hollering Chardonnays
Mbizo Chirasha Letter From The Propaganda School
Catherine Gander Imaginary Vase
Sean O’Brien Not the Same
Sun Tzu-ping Postcards I Suspected Were Stolen
Tomaž Šalamun The Vermont Rome Axis
Yousif M Qasmiyeh The Camp is a Bait for Time
Ron Slate At Sardent
Jenny Xie Broken Proverbs
Herman Hesse For the Children (End of 1914)
Ian Humphreys Wasp in a jam jar
Breyten Breytenbach lament for a revolution
Matthew Zapruder Hvar

Featured Essays and Reviews

I speak my Valzhyna Mort language’. André Naffis-Sahely Interviews Valzhyna Mort

‘No Disabled People Wanted Here’: Accessing The Estate of Poetry by Karl Knights

To Be Human. Kate Simpson on mythology, psychogeography, and acts of untethering

Unearthing and Entering. Maryam Hessavi on three debuts that excavate the traumas of the past

Memory Loss and Defiance. Leo Boix reviews two collections in translation from Latin America and the debut of a Latinx poet from the US

Collective Awakening. Isabelle Baafi Interviews Mohammed El-Kurd

Spectral Licks. Síofra McSherry on three collections that use music to mine collective and personal histories

No happy lists. Chris Cusack on three collections that explore palimpsests of memory and nature (human or otherwise)

‘O humble receptacle’. Maria Sledmere on two poets writing rural life through a solvent lyric of past and present

Poetry at the Precipice of the World. Sana Goyal on three pamphlets that navigate geographies of memory and identity