Summer 2015: Issue 81


We welcome the return of US poet Phillis Levin who joins Kim Addonizio, Simon Perchik and EG Cunningham: American poets appearing in Poetry London for the first time. Billy Ramsell and Geraldine Mitchell from Ireland are also newcomers to the magazine.

We have new poems from Jack Underwood, Stephen Knight, Hannah Lowe, Michael Symmons Roberts, Mark Waldron and John Welch, among others, plus translations from the French, Dutch and Portuguese.  New voices to the magazine include Rowland Bagnall, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Shauna Robertson and Jessie Jones.

The Reviews and Features section opens with a remarkable essay from David Constantine on poetry and conflict, followed by an interview with Mark Ford conducted by Jack Underwood. There are reviews of new books by Paul Muldoon, Nicholas Moore, Sujata Bhatt, Sam Riviere and Elaine Feinstein along with first collections and much else!

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Editorial by Martha Kapos, Poetry Co-Editor
Non-Poetry at Poetry London


Jack Underwood
Letter of Health | Reading the Milk | Inventory of Friends
Simon Perchik
Two Poems
Hannah Lowe
Borderliner | Brown Eyes Blue
Michael Symmons Roberts
I Shake Out My Coat | The Value of Nothing | Self-Portrait With Dog | The Immortality of the Crab
Billy Ramsell
On Not Being Gaudí | Flies in August | You ask for something beautiful
John Welch
from Folly’s Shade
Rowland Bagnall
Shauna Robertson
To Be Beautiful
Mark Waldron
The Uncertainty Principle | The Madding Wind
Hester Knibbe
The Flexibility of Stone | It is the eye my love
EG Cunningham
Annus / Versus
Eoghan Walls
On the Egg
Kim Addonizio
The Givens
Stephen Knight
A Portable Joye
François Migeot
Phillis Levin
From a Rooftop | Summer Study
Wayne Holloway-Smith
The air itself | Sympathy for Toast | No Worries
Geraldine Mitchell
Before & After
João Luís Barreto Guimarães
Anonymous death
Chris Preddle
A Song for Lucy
Jessie Jones
Resolution | Leopold Stokowski is a Man of the Future
David Wheatley
The King O’er the Water

Reviews & Features

Essay: ‘And Thirty Thousand Other Ranks…’
David Constantine on the poets’ view of conflict
Interview: No Fine Frenzy
Mark Ford talks to Jack Underwood
Reviews: You Know It’s Coming
Vidyan Ravinthiran on Paul Muldoon’s performative rhymes
The Gaelic Objectivists
David Wheatley on a new anthology of Early Irish poetry
A Neo-Modernist Chameleon
Drew Milne on the revived reputation of Nicholas Moore
The Body’s Landscape
Karen McCarthy Woolf on John Kinsella, Chris McCabe and Marianne Boruch’s ways of looking
Myth-making, Map-making and Manipulation
WN Herbert on Sandeep Parmar, Tony Williams and Sam Riviere’s defining procedures for poetry
Dancing With Things As They Are
Martyn Crucefix on Rose Ausländer and Volker Braun, poets in a political century
The Closest Wound
Hilary Davies on a wartime work by René Char and Ciaran Carson’s Jean Follain
A River, A Country, A World
Edward Doegar on the shifting landscapes of Anthony Howell, Peter Robinson and Sujata Bhatt
Insisting on their Place
Sue Hubbard on new collections from Elaine Feinstein, Mimi Khalvati, Andrew Waterman and Michael Schmidt
Things Being Various
Katy Evans-Bush on first collections by Isabel Galleymore, Jemma Borg, Bobby Parker and Colette Sensier