Summer 2013: Issue 75


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Editorial by Martha Kapos, Assistant Poetry Editor
Poetry London says farewell to Colette Bryce


Kay Ryan
Treading Water • Metal
Kay Ryan
Why Explain the Precise by Way of the Less Precise?
Timothy Donnelly
Apologies from the Ground Up
Chrissy Williams
This One Particular Page
Liz Berry
The Silver Birch
Ruth Padel
The Chinese for Secrecy • The Hebrew for Egypt Means Narrow • After the Fire
Penelope Shuttle
The train is leaving
Richard O’Brien
Single Men’s Sculls • Prince Henry’s Autopsy • More Sharks Than Ever Before
Mary Noonan
The Invader • Goodnight, Vienna
Allison McVety
David Constantine
Foxes, rain • As though… because..
Philip Fried
Mixology, a Madrigal
David Lehman
On the Beautiful and Sublime
Matthea Harvey
Rhyme’s First Day at School • The Homemade Mermaid
Katy Lederer
Jason Schneiderman
An Unpleasant Night Out at the Abstracted Forms of Government Café
Nuar Alsadir
Mimi Khalvati
The Landing Stage
D M Black
An African Exile in Australia
Ana Blandiana
from My Native Land: A4
Matthew Sweeney
The Archery Lesson • The Tall Man
John McCullough
! (‘It entered creation…’)
Greg Delanty
from The Greek Anthology, Book XVIII: Three Poems
Tomaž Šalamun
D Nurkse
The Lures • Attrition
Fran Lock
The Erotic Life of Michael Cochrane, Stargazer

Reviews & Features

Syntax Anxiety
Vidyan Ravinthiran on new collections by Stephanie Norgate, James Lasdun and Jamie McKendrick
At The End of the Day
Bernard O’ Donoghue on Dennis O’Driscoll and Harry Clifton as civic writers concerned for the public world
Making up the Rules
Claire Crowther on the poetic originality of Greg Delanty, Selima Hill and Angela Leighton
Men’s Troubles
Katy Evans-Bush on masculine curiosity in Frederick Seidel, John Ashbery and Andrew Elliott
The Slum Landlord, Time
Glyn Maxwell talks to Ellen Cranitch
Wildly Light on his Feet
Todd Swift on Charles Bernstein’s bracingly flamboyant disregard for lyric proprieties
Between Marginalia and Inter Alia
Sue Hubbard on witty, intelligent views from Jane Yeh, Nick Laird and George Szirtes
With and Without the Lyrical ‘I’
George Szirtes on first collections by James Brookes, Kirsten Irving, Richard Lambert, Pippa Little and Cristina Navazo-Eguía Newton
Arranging the Variables
Jack Underwood on pamphlets and smaller collections
Getting My Attention
Declan Ryan considers reader engagement in the work of Jacob Polley, Deryn Rees-Jones, Matthew Sweeney and Medbh McGuckian
The Absolute .44
Carrie Etter on Edward Dorn as an American original