Summer 2011: Issue 69


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Philip Gross
from Something Like The Sea
Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
After the Earthquake • The Language of Doors
Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
Vive la Résistance!
Mark Waldron
The Life-cycle of the Fly
Sasha Dugdale
Out of Town
Federico García Lorca
San Gabriel
Annie Katchinska
Tawpie • Kvass
Fiona Sampson
from The Illustrated Bestiary
Jamie McKendrick
First and Last • First and Last ‘He Digesteth Harde Yron’
Jamie McKendrick
King Billy’s Nemesis
Antonio Porchia
D Nurkse
Letter from Ivrea • The Island in Autumn
Martyn Crucefix
The little dances
Richard Meier
A hopeless gardener thanks his wife • Opening and closing of the double-glazed man
Nichola Deane
My Moriarty
Lan Lan
You Are • Newlywed • Will There Be a Tree
Jemma Borg
A Short Treatise on a Squid
Ian Cartland
Jane Draycott
Street View
Lia Brooks
Mouse Catcher in the Hay
Hélène Gelèns
corner time
Robert Saxton
The Doll’s House
Sinéad Morrissey
Imaginary Day-trip with My Mother to Craigavon
David Lehman
Ghost Story
Anne Stevenson
How It Is
Claire Malroux
from Poems for the Absent One

Reviews & Features

The Foreigner Within
W N Herbert on David Wheatley, Jane Duran, David Harsent and the search for home
Equal to the Moon
Jenny Lewis on Ruth Fainlight’s singular work.
Incarnations of the Wild
Sue Hubbard on poets David Morley, Les Murray and Lynne Hjelmgaard showing the world afresh
Adventures in Ventriloquism
Helen Mort on the difficulty of speaking the truth in collections by Martyn Crucefix, Jackie Kay and Craig Raine
Faithful or Free
D M Black on Peter Robinson’s Poetry and Translation and new translations by Marilyn Hacker and others
Wallflowers in the Spotlight
Kathryn Maris on retrospective collections from Matthew Sweeney and Anne-Marie Fyfe.
Clap Hands and Sing
Jane Holland has mixed feelings about first collections by Anna Woodford, Heidi Williamson and Katharine Towers.
Matters of Form
Ellen Cranitch on pamphlets, chapbooks and smaller collections by Claire Crowther and others.
Missing Figures
Todd Swift on the return to print of Bernard Spencer and ASJ Tessimond.