Summer 2009: Issue 63


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Paul Farley
Kelp, Pop, Google Earth
Chase Twichell
My Lethe, Tomboyhood, The Long Bony Faces of the Mules
Antony Dunn
Ladybird, First Kiss, Skinny Dipping, Testing One Two
Timothy Shea
Larkin Shaving
Timothy Shea
A Short Film about Loss, The Geography of Rain
Brigit Pegeen Kelly
The Philosophers
Susan Wicks
The Doomsday Fish
Susan Wicks
Heather Phillipson
Insect Life of Bergamo, You’re an Architect and I Want to Make Dinner for You
Philip Fried
Father They Value as the Dawn
Asa Boxer
Murphy’s Command, The Sisters of Murphy
Jacob Polley
Jane Draycott
Jane Draycott
A Day by the Sea and Other Stories
Jennifer Compton
Not Even of the Sky
Leanne Averbach
Rowing Lesson #9: Getting Out of Bed
Mary Jo Bang
Still as in a Still after Still, Cat’s Cradle, Comma This
Robert Saxton
Bungalow Bay
Dennis Casling
The Plunge
Christopher Horton
Miso Soup
James Russell
Mister Fox
Joseph Wood
Inside / Outside
Ross Cogan
Like Snow
Ben Wilkinson
Alfred Corn
Aleš Šteger
Window, Cat, Toothpick
Sam Riviere
Paris, from the Annals of Allium

Reviews & Features

The Wizard Behind the Curtain
Eva Salzman remembers Michael Donaghy as poet and friend
The Commonwealth of the Drowned
George Szirtes finds some new chapters opening in the poetry of Emma Jones, J O Morgan and Rob A Mackenzie
Myths of the Middle Way
W N Herbert salutes Sheenagh Pugh, David Constantine and Peter Porter
The Less Aggrieved
Todd Swift explores the poems of Chris McCabe, Zoë Skoulding and Medbh McGuckian
The Right Place for Love
Helen Mort on sex, death and poetry in the work of Michael Laskey, Claire Crowther and Roddy Lumsden
Leaping Around a World
Jack Underwood follows real and imaginary travels in the poems of Derek Mahon, Pascale Petit and James Sutherland-Smith
Waltzes in Time’s Ballroom
Katy Evans-Bush on Tomas Venclova, Nina Cassian and Ágnes Lehóczky, poets of exile
Momentary Landings
Linda Black welcomes Eva Salzman and Amy Wack’s gender-specific anthology