Summer 2008: Issue 60


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Pauline Stainer
Words • Dove Cottage • Sakurafubuki • Deer coming to water unseen • The Whitening • Quandal • Moonfield • The Apple House
Pauline Stainer
The Whitening
Michael Symmons Roberts
Man in a Fox Suit • Fox in a Man Suit
Martyn Crucefix
Ashley Capps
Absconditus • Say One thing and Mean • Citizens
Jay Rogoff
The Earth
Tom Sleigh
On First Avenue and Sixth Street
Moniza Alvi
Mermaid • Europa’s Dream
Rachel Hadas
In the Drawer • In-flight Movie
Greta Stoddart
Salvation Jane
Robin Robertson
The Plague Year
Polly Clark
Steven Heighton
Herself, Revised
Chris Beckett
Poem to the lucky boy
Toon Tellegen
A Man and an Angel, studies for a poem
Marianne Boruch
It isn’t that serious before dawn, trees • Memory must be viral • I am so pissed, said god, maybe • I woke in rain to old war footage
Pascale Petit
Frozen Horses • Slipper Orchids of China • Creation of the Trees
Fergus Chadwick
Shirin Razavian
Carol Rumens
Simon Richey
from Naming the Tree
C L Dallat
Lido Café
Emily Berry
Her Inheritance
Siriol Troup
The Penance of St John Chrysostom

Reviews & Features

The Condition of Music
WN Herbert observes how pattern shapes narrative for Ciaran Carson, Catherine Smith and Tom Pow
Travelling without Leaving
Martyn Crucefix explores the development of Guy Goffette, Michael Hofmann and Peter Robinson
The Art of Detachment
Anne-Marie Fyfe on engagements with feeling in Maggie Sawkins, Jackie Kay and Brigit Pegeen Kelly
Wordlessly Came Death
Tom Chivers finds depth beneath the surface energy of ‘fusion’ poets Todd Swift, Nick Laird and Mario Petrucci
Grace and Authenticity
Peter Robinson asks if flaws can be felicities for Janet Frame, Bernard O’Donoghue and Alison Brackenbury
New Tongues
Katy Evans-Bush on how Katia Kapovich and Valeria Melchioretto enrich their adopted language
Beyond Puff and Posture
Nathan Hamilton introduces first collections by Simon Barraclough, Isobel Dixon and Adam Foulds
Loud is the New Quiet
Kathryn Maris contrasts Sasha Dugdale, Deborah Garrison and Sujata Bhatt
Two Things at Once
E A Markham (1939–2008)