Spring 2014: Issue 77


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Editorial by Tim Dooley
The Odd Couple


Declan Ryan
Ethiopia Shall Stretch Forth Her Hands (The Seven Commandments of Joe Louis)
Patrick Brandon
Buckaroo | Stoppages | Dining with Dr D | Crotch Shot
Nia Davies
Rebecca Perry
Sweetheart Come
Sarah Howe
A loop of jade
A.B. Jackson
Three Messerschmidt Heads
Ciaran Carson
Le poignard | A l’écoute | L’embellie | Des formes | Les siècles | Mémorable | Visages
Paul Muldoon
Los Dissidentes
Martha Sprackland
Antonella Anedda
Anaesthetics | Morning 7.00-12.00
Sophie Collins
Eight Phrases | Desk
Chris McCabe
from Speculatrix
Ruth Padel
Marie-Pascale Hardy
John Kinsella
Rams and the Red Shed | Why I let other living things stand my ground and how the inorganic can be living, too
Glyn Maxwell
Warm Thee | Pillycock | Modu and Mahu
Geraldine Clarkson
Monica’s Overcoat of Flesh
Nicola Nathan
Thumbelina’s Mother | Thumbelina and the Mole

Reviews & Features

Everyday Odysseys
Abigail Parry on gods brought down to street level
Narrating from the Margins
Richard O’Brien selects recent pamphlets and chapbooks
Real Shoes
George Szirtes on inventive writing from Christopher Reid, Caroline Bird and Julia Bird
Hungry Generations
Alison Brackenbury on later work from Dannie Abse, Fergus Allen and Elspeth Smith
Interview: Drawing a Line
Moniza Alvi talks to Karen McCarthy Woolf about her long poem At the Time of Partition
Making Something Happen
Andrew McNeillie marks the centenary of R S Thomas
Hard Issues
Martyn Crucefix on challenging first collections from Dan O’Brien, Helen Mort and Tim Cresswell
Witnessing the Flow
Katy Evans Bush on Hannah Lowe, Matreyabandu, Marianne Burton and Rebecca Goss, new poets immersed in the stuff of life
Words of Wisdom
Claire Crowther on work of weight from David Morley, Maurice Riordan and Sinéad Morrissey
In and Out of Time
Josephine Balmer on the classical source behind Robin Robertson and Anne Carson’s latest collections
Observation and Elegy
Conor O’Callaghan on familiar modes in the poems of Jean Sprackland, Alan Jenkins and Philip Gross