Spring 2013: Issue 74


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Editorial by Colette Bryce, Poetry Editor
Poetry Matters


Ian Duhig
Half the Story • Still White Page • Dependant
Luis Rosales
The Name That Creates Us
Rebecca Perry
Sean O’Brien
Passage for New Holland • Lamplight
David Wheatley
from ‘The Reed Bunting Unseen’
Maya C Popa
The Lyric I
Tamar Yoseloff
Christina Dunhill
The Power of The Monarchy
Helen Mort
An Easy Day for a Lady
Helen Mort
Admit you feel like all the ice skates in Brazil • Oldham’s Burning Sands
Richard Scott
Henry Shukman
Henry Shukman
The Golden Dragon
Patrick Brandon
David Morley
Robin Robertson
Finding the Keys • Flags and Salutes • The Ghost of Actaeon
Dannie Abse
Fiona Benson
Ghostfire • High Meadow Path • Cricket, August 2012
Pascale Petit
Sainte-Chapelle • Emmanuel
Matthew Gregory
A Room in the Pacific Palisades, 1979
Michael Symmons Roberts
Portrait of the Psalmist in Mid-life • Portrait of the Psalmist as a Man in Tears • Asleep in the Back • Fin de Siècle
Susan Wicks
April is the month for cutting up a map with scissors

Reviews & Features

A Difficult Love
Luke Kennard on Samuel Beckett the poet
Ideas About Things and Things Themselves
Helen Mort on knowledge shared by Jorie Graham, Sharon Olds and D Nurkse
From the Mild Blue Yonder
Bill Manhire on journeys to the Southern Hemisphere by Christopher Reid and Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
Frontiers Through Every Word
Sue Hubbard on language and political distress in collections by Abdellatif Laâbi, Ingeborg Bachmann and Manuel Rivas
‘I Think Clarity Is the Way to Go’
Don Paterson talks to Ahren Warner
The Passionate Transitory
David Wheatley on first collections by Sam Riviere, William Letford, Oli Hazzard and Andrew Bailey
The Flickering Birch
Edward Larrissy on Tom Paulin and Paul Durcan in a changing Ireland
Who Is the Boy in the Picture?
Rory Waterman on approaches to the past in new collections by Andrew Motion, Helen Dunmore and Stephen Knight
Everything Appeared To Be Connected
Martyn Crucefix on vision and exile in the poetry of James Harpur, Adam Thorpe and Julia Copus
Drawn from Life
Karen McCarthy Woolf on innovative collections by Barry Hill, Sean Borodale and Jacob Sam-La Rose
Teaching the Poetic Encounter
Julia Bird on support for the developing writer from Glyn Maxwell, Penned in the Margins and the Arvon Foundation