Spring 2011: Issue 68


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Vera Pavlova
An Apollo swinging an axe • You who do not love your third husbands • Shall I drown (Ophelia)? • A child is a clay piggy-bank • We know how to love the dead
Maurice Riordan
Faun Whistling to a Blackbird
Maurice Riordan
The Nests • The Poacher
Julia Copus
The Particella of Franz Xaver Süssmayr
André Naffis-Sahely
The Translator
Rosie Shepperd
After two weeks of insomnia, I move into the loft space with other pastry chefs
Nick Laird
The Motive • Collusion
Deryn Rees-Jones
from The Songs of Elisabeth So
Andrew McDonnell
The Greyhound
Fiona Moore
Jan Wagner
from eighteen pies
Asa Boxer
Night Shift
Asa Boxer
The Burns Rimfire
Judy Brown
On the First Night in the Cottage • You Said It Was a Mistake for Me to Buy
Judy Brown
The Souvenirs
Kerry Hardie
The zebra stood in the night
Ahren Warner
Troia Nova
Avery Slater
The Existence of Sutural Bones: 1533
Vénus Khoury-Ghata
House cut out of a children’s picture book • Sun hung from the ceiling with a braid of garlic
Moniza Alvi
from At the Time of Partition • Docility
Paul Batchelor
The Love Darg
Caleb Klaces
Towards Selection
Eugene Dubnov
Hurled • The sedge along the river stirs • The Quarry • Ring Doves
Liz Berry
Emma Page

Reviews & Features

Wrestling with Angels
David Wheatley on Seamus Heaney and Geoffrey Hill
Tense and Number
Claire Crowther on linguistically self-conscious poetry by Elizabeth Burns, Elaine Feinstein and Roy Fisher
On the Very Point of Opening
John McCullough on the plural visions of Mario Petrucci, Tom Lowenstein and S J Litherland
Ideas of the Sublime
Ahren Warner on C K Williams, Rae Armantrout and Angie Estes
Is It Any Good?
Tom Chivers on an anthology of new poets from Spread the Word and first collections by Anna Robinson and Christian Campbell
Light Songs and the Fuller Life
Sue Hubbard on Annie Freud, Kei Miller and Eleanor Cooke
Breaking the Silence
Ian Gregson on diverse critical writing by Ruth Padel, George Szirtes and others
Grief, Gravity and Tension
Julia Bird on substantial collections by Alan Brownjohn, Penelope Shuttle and Peter Sansom
The Mix-Master and the Dance of Words
Bill Manhire on Muldoon, Pound and McGonagall