Spring 2009: Issue 62


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Sinéad Morrissey
Jamie McKendrick
Natural History • The Perils • Ethics & Aesthetics
Daljit Nagra
The Punjab
Carrie Etter
Over the Thames
Suzanne Cleary
Pascal’s Wager
Mick Wood
A Genealogist in the Family • A Good Book • The Square Metre
Julian Stannard
The Parrots of Villa Gruber Discover Lapis Lazuli • Bruno Cuts My Hair in a Place Called Ether • Aubade
Matthew Sweeney
In the Garden • The Twit • The Prize
Kathryn Maris
On Returning a Child to Her Mother at the Natural History Museum • Doubting Thomas
MR Peacock
Seaside Stories
Roddy Lumsden
Sea Air
Marilyn Hacker
John Kinsella
The Decay of Hemispheres: a Defence of Mathematics
MIchael Murphy
Glaucus to Scylla • Half-life • Black on Maroon
Helen Farish
Underground City • My Casablanca
Marianne Burton
Behind the Cellar Door
Jay Rogoff
Side Issue • Birthday in Middle Age
John Hartley Williams
The Way
Kathryn Maris
The Tall Thin Tenor

Reviews & Features

Recovering Time
Martyn Crucefix on George Szirtes at Sixty
When the Snake Shed iis Skin
Helen Mort examines the landscape of memory in work by Pauline Stainer, Greta Stoddart and Peter Bennet
Strange Fruit
Luke Kennard celebrates Francis Ponge the underrated master of the prose poem
Love Translated
Peter Robinson welcomes two autumn arrivals: Matthew Mead and John Welch
Use and Consolation
WN Herbert on Glyn Maxwell, Maura Dooley and Leontia Flynn
What is ‘Indian’?
John Welch on Indian Poetry written in English
On the Side of Oddness
Tom Chivers finds cross-cultural currents in the work of Matthew Francis, Patience Agbabi and DS Marriott
First Encounters
Sarah Crown welcomes debut collections by Julia Bird, Jill McDonough and Meirion Jordan
Such a Thing as Truth
Bernard O’Donoghue on Seamus Heaney at Seventy