Spring 2008: Issue 59


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Eamon Grennan
Dove of Desire
Eamon Grennan
Kathryn Maris
It Was a Gift from God
Kathryn Maris
The Devil Got into Her
MIchael Murphy
The Man Who Walked on Water
MIchael Murphy
from The Book of Mormon • A Silk Purse
Bill Manhire
Song with a Chorus • Velvet • The Carpe Diem Poem
John Hartley Williams
Jazz Recipe • Port • Hard Men
Ellen Cranitch
Dawn Wood
Man and Atoms
Rhian Gallagher
Waltz • Boys at the Wheel Park
Tim Liardet
Sky Egg • The Law of Primogeniture • The Constables Call
Marianne Burton
The Postcard on the Fridge • After the Pipe
Alison Brackenbury
Andrew Sant
Interrogative Pressure
Gerard Smyth
To the Wedding
John Kinsella
First Counter-clockwise Canto of the Möbius Strip
Marie Etienne
from War Diary
Tony Roberts
The Noir américain Back at Birdland
Adam Wyeth
Life is Shit
Gregory Leadbetter
Sparrows • The Sight of Closed Eyes
Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch
The Glass Path
Julian Stannard
Oh, Fuck It • My Beautiful Son Cooks Me an Octopus
Vona Groarke
By and By • The Jar
Catherine Smith
Fred D’Aguiar
Playing House • S-Joe

Reviews & Features

Elegiac anti-Fascist anger right now
George Szirtes says The Drowned Book has water and enough to spare, but Mary Oliver needs a good glug
Innocence when roses smelt divine; and Brechtian hard common sense
Carol Rumens’ close reading of two remarkable new collections
A unique and warmly recommended anthology
DM Black enjoys reading the responses of contemporary poets to poems of the past
Senior poets and a contrasting younger author
Grevel Lindop compares work by Peter Porter, Michael Hamburger and Diana Syder
Realigning the World
Helen Constantine’s admiration for three very different collections
Enthusiasm for two first collections
Bernard O’Donoghue says one is the best first book in years, and the other is uncompromisingly inventive