Spring 2007: Issue 56


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Michael Symmons Roberts
Origin of Species • Hotel Intercontinental • Momento Mori
Michael Symmons Roberts
To the Lord Belongs the Earth and All It Contains
Jeffrey Harrison
Vision • Flag • The Same River
Jeffrey Harrison
Taking a Leak
Ros Barber
Girls’ High Empties
Ros Barber
The Weight of Ink • Losing It
Sean O’Brien
Serious Chairs • Drains • Three Lighthouses
Judith Hall
Receptacle for August • Such a Thing as Collective Memory
Jason Guriel
Getting Wet • Dearest
Julia Copus
Impossible as It Seems • This Is the Poem in which I Have not Left You
Ruth O’Callaghan
Marilyn Hacker
Greg Delanty
from The Greek Anthology, Book XVII The First Story • Childhood • At Last Poetry Makes Something Happen • Avaunt
David Harsent
Francis Leviston
The Fortune-teller
Richard Tillinghast
Ten • There Is a Room I Never Go Into
Robert Saxton
Strange Weather
Tara Bergin
This is Yarrow
Pascale Petit
Chandelier-tree • Uprooted Redwood • What the Water Gave Me

Reviews & Features

Words are not the end of thought but where it begins
George Szirtes admires new books by Jane Hirshfield, Kathryn Maris and translations of Rilke by Martyn Crucefix
Surprising new voices
WNHerbert finds delight in first collections by Tiffany Atkinson, Tishani Doshi and Roger Moulson
Some similarities to Carol Ann Duffy, Wendy Cope, Matthew Sweeney, Jane Draycott and Philip Larkin
Antony Dunn reads new collections by Kate Bingham, Ruth Fainlight and Paul Farley
On writing and reading translations
David Constantine on translations of Jacques Reda, Tomas Transtromer and Carlos Reyes-Manzo
Sinewy diction and technical skill
Carol Rumens says why Marilyn Hacker is a major poet
Poetry wars in 2007?
Kathryn Maris interviews Poetry Society Chair Anne-Marie Fyfe
When lapses of taste are attractive
Amy Wack reads new books by Vona Groarke, Philip Fried and Julian Turner
Affinities with nature
Meryl Pugh peruses poems by Vicki Feaver, Jeffrey Harrison and Les Murray