Autumn 2012: Issue 73


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Editorial by Tim Dooley, Reviews Editor
What are poets for?


Karen Solie
Spiral • Conversion
Karen Solie
The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out
Katharine Towers
Iceberg Season
Katharine Towers
The Willow Pattern
Michael Longley
Child of the Branches • Cat
Tadeusz Dabrowski
Starry Night • Untitled
Frances Leviston
Sophie F Baker
New Freckle
Melanie Challenger
The Daffodil
Álvaro Fierro
Scherzo • Love Letter to the Venus of Willendorf
Ian Cartland
Six Winters
Sinéad Morrissey
Display • A Lie
Emily Hasler
The Egyptologist
Mick Wood
The Hobbies
Kona MacPhee
Gillian Allnutt
The Sisters
Maria Stepanova
(as they must)
Daljit Nagra
Three Step Midget
Rosie Shepperd
I can’t decide if I’m out of my depth or out of my wits
Haris Vlavianos
from ‘Sonnets of Despair’
Isabel Galleymore
Barnacle • Notes on Death as the Other Woman
Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
Dream Shine
Neil Astley
Competition 2012: Judge’s Report
Liz Berry: First Prize
Amali Rodrigo: Second Prize
The Fish
Ellen Cranitch: Third Prize
Blasket Sound
Poetry London Competition Runners Up
Commended Poems

Reviews & Features

Reshaping the Fable
W N Herbert on a radically revised Sorley Maclean
Beyond the Line
Annie Freud talks to Ahren Warner about poetry, painting and family influence
The Self in Exile
John McCullough on American poets Jane Hirshfield, John Peck and Timothy Donnelly
The Shadow of the Sunflower
Fiona Sze-Lorrain on the anthology Jade Ladder and Liu Xiaobo’s June Fourth Elegies
Global and Universal
Claire Trévien on poetry by Jules Supervielle, Guillaume Apollinaire and Beverley Bie Brahic
Art and Raw Materials
Jane Yeh assesses new developments in the poetic careers of Zoë Brigley, Nick Drake and Paul Farley
Magic and Accident
Ellen Cranitch on independent work from Michael Murphy, Chris Emery, Graham Mort, Peter Daniels and Lucy Hamilton
Completely Yours
Alison Brackenbury on first collections by Richard Meier, Jon Stone, Karen Rigby and Sandeep Parmar
Unwrapping Modern Life
Rachael Allen on pamphlets and chapbooks
History and Geography
Declan Ryan on two innovative anthologies London: A History In Verse and Out of Bounds: British Black & Asian Poets