Autumn 2011: Issue 70


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Kathleen Jamie
Another Landscape
Kathleen Jamie
Hawk and Shadow
Fleur Adcock
Bees’ Nest • Dung Beetle
Richard Scott
Jeanne Baré Observes the Inlet
Helen Farish
The Monkey Clock • What if everyone who ever lived here had left one thing behind?
Ahren Warner
Visegrad Poets Project
Four Translations
Philip Memmer
Parable • Dream
Selima Hill
The Elephant Whose Sturgeon-like Blood • Traces of Skin from Your Neck • Everything He Touches Turns to Gold
Amali Rodrigo
Luke Kennard
Self-portrait as a Charlatan – Retrospective • What Your Voice Sounds Like
Abdellatif Laâbi
The earth opens and welcomes you
Siriol Troup
The Art of Translation II • Turn
Vona Groarke
Matthew Gregory
Yu Xiang
I Have, 2002 • Half-poem
Elizabeth Cook
The Assignment
Dannie Abse
Both Eyes Open
Paul Durcan
Staring Out the Window Three Weeks After His Death
Paul Stephenson
The Paddle-out
Paul Farley
Judge’s Report
Cristina Newton
Edison Pena Runs the Six Miles
Liz Berry
Mary Wight
Poetry London Competition Runners Up
Commended Poems

Reviews & Features

Heightened Realities
Edward Larrissy finds incomparable grace and deceptive plainness in collections by Michael Longley and Bernard O’Donoghue
Mulberry and Oleander
Martyn Crucefix on Iraq in the poetry of Fawzi Karim, Brian Turner and Elyse Fenton
Holding Hands with the Dead
Ellen Cranitch on remembrance in collections by Sean O’Brien, Tamar Yoseloff and Susan Wicks
Beyond Performance
Fred d’Aguiar on Brendan Kennelly, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze and D S Marriott: voices of the commonplace and the downtrodden
Reaching for the Stars
Claire Crowther on first collections by Rachael Boast, John McCullough, Kate Potts and Ian Pindar
The Noise of Seriousness
Jack Underwood on approaches to language in collections by Roddy Lumsden, Clare Pollard and D M Black
Common Sense for the Marching Band
Julia Bird on popular culture in Wendy Cope, Ian Duhig and Carole Satyamurti
Being and Becoming
Alex Pryce on Eavan Boland’s journey to become a woman poet.
A Warmth that Wasn’t
Luke Kennard on the American Auden
Balancing Affect and Intellect
Ahren Warner on thought and expression in collections by Mark Ford, Carrie Etter, Liane Strauss and Kelly Grovier