New Magazine and Subscription Pricing

As you’ll probably know by now, we have developed a new design for the magazine to ensure the quality of its content is matched by the all-round attractiveness of its appearance. We will be commissioning portrait artists to work with us on each set of three issues, to make the magazine into a collectible series.

In order to fund the development of this new, easy-on-the-eye-and-gloriously-tactile incarnation of Poetry London, alongside growing economic challenges, we will be increasing our cover price and subscription rates with the Spring 2018 issue (89).

READERS ARE ADVISED TO SUBSCRIBE/EXTEND THEIR SUBSCRIPTIONS NOW while rates remain at their present bargain price.

Here are the new prices for individual copies of the magazine.

Current Issue: UK £9.95, EU £11.95, World £13.95. Back Issue, UK £7.95, EU £9.95, World £11.95

You can read more about these changes, and about the new rates for subscribers, by following this link.