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Autumn 13


Christopher Middleton


Christopher Middleton

Go With Isaac Rosenberg • ‘If From The Distance...’

Holly Corfield Carr


Jen Hadfield

The Co-op Brisket • The Memory of Timber

D A Powell

Low-Hanging Fruit

Matthew Dickman


Matthew Dickman

Crossing Guard • Nobleboro

Sean O’Brien

Underwater Fires • Wedding Breakfast

Mark Ford

Dark Matter • Gaius Suetonius Paulinus

Toby Martinez de las Rivas

Easter Sunday, Plaza de la Magdalena, Córdoba • Easter Sunday, Plaza de San Lorenzo, Córdoba • Easter Sunday, Plaza de San Rafael, Córdoba

Fiona Sampson


Rachael Boast


David Harsent

Fire: end-scenes and outtakes

Rachael Allen

Early Harbour • Kingdomland • Science & Math • Wallpaper/General

Matthew Gregory

A Room on the Capitaine Paul-Lemerle, 1941

Mark Waldron

First off, • Meanwhile, Trees

Reviews & Features

Double, Double...

Luke Kennard on the profound pleasures of WN Herbert’s Omnesia

Rocking On and Off the Page

Julia Bird on Muldoon, Zephaniah, Wright and Hegley as poets and performers

Going Through the Fire

Daljit Nagra discusses his Ramayana with Clare Pollard

Collaboration and Connivance

David Wheatley on tragedy and violence in collections by US poets including CK Williams and CD Wright

Maps of Those Still Empty Towns

Helen Mort on Michael Symmons Roberts, Fiona Sampson, Sue Hubbard and the search for home

How Hard Can It Be?

Aidan Semmens ponders politics and difficulty in the work of Keston Sutherland, Simon Jarvis, Luke Kennard and Cherry Smyth

What Only Poetry Can Do

Vidyan Ravinthiran on invention and care in new collections from Kathryn Maris, Kona MacPhee,Matthew Francis and Alison Brackenbury

Applauded and Lauded

WN Herbert welcomes first collections from Emily Berry, Heather Phillipson and Caleb Kaces


Edward Doegar on Fred D’Aguiar, Claire Trévien, Conor O’Callaghan, Mary Noonan and a poetry of disruptive transformation

Music of a Different Kind

Karen McCarthy Woolf on collections by Chris Beckett, John Agard and Sharon Morris